Hello everyone!
Since I'm writing this beforehand, I probably have already warned you that I won't be very active on my social media, since I will be home for Easter and...no laptop for me. So I hope you will spend your holiday safely.
Secondly, this post will be slightly different from my usual because I'm going to update you on the new additions on my skincare routine and makeup stash, so that you know what I'm currently testing.


There aren't many new items that you don't already know of in my routine. During my holidays I will be probably use up the last remainings of my Laneige Waterfull kit, but my current skincare routine is made (mostly) of the Klairs products of my Wishtrend's Wishbox; the last item I opened and started to test has been the Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish. I'm seriously impressed and very pleased by this product, which reminds me a more finely trimmed version of the Skinfood  Black Sugar  Mask.

The products I was most excited to try were the COSRX products I recently bought. Ciracle and Cosrx (and OST/c20) are sister labels, just in case you were wondering, and they made some fantastic stuff...Their packaging isn't fancy, but it's very simple and elegant, which I really like. Even if they don't look really appealing, I swear their stuff works wonderfully.
The AHA 7 Whitehead Power liquid is a treatment to exfoliate skin and get rid of whiteheads...I'm using it since two weeks, so  I can't really tell if it's working. From now, it's been really pulling all the junk out of my skin, which is leaving my skin in a bad looking condition because it's purging like crazy. I'm really satisfied to get rid of everything, to be honest.
The Other skincare item I'm happy to try is Ciracle Goodbye Blackhead Pore Control Sheets, some pads that should help unclog the pores and get rid of blackheads and sebaceous filaments. We'll see how it works! The last addition to my precious skincare stuff it's Mizon Ac Care Solution Blemish After Cream. I was unsure if I wanted the Ciracle Red Spot Cream or This, but I decided to get this to try more products from Mizon.


Since Korea seems to be the heaven of light foundations and bb creams, why not try more of them? I started from this one from Missha because everyone in Asia is raving about it, telling how it's the perfect economic dupe for the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation. I've worn this maaaany times, and I guess I've suddenly become unable to wear foundations, because it doesn't matter how much I try, but It seems like I still haven't figured out a way to make this foundation work on my skin.

I'm always happy to try more products from 3CE, and most of all, to try out a new concealer since I'm running out of my studio sculpt in NC15 from MAC, which have been discontinued ....sadly. I'm looking for a new holy grail, but it seems like this one won't be "the one".
Remember when I said that 3CE has hits and fails here? Well, if the Waterfull Concealer isn't impressive as I hoped, these nail polishes are da bomb.com of nail polishes. I've been wearing them since the first day i received it in my mail, and yeah...I'm surviving with just these two colours.

Last but not least, I've added some new shades to my collection of Aritaum Honey melting tint...I'm planning to get the other pink shades, because I definitely bought too many oranges. I really really love them, and be prepared to have a review very soon!


So, have you seen something that already was in your wishlist?
Are you interested in something? Let me know in the comments or on facebook, and I'll try to make a review as soon as I can :)