Etude House Liquid Lipsticks
As you may probably know if you follow our facebook page, I've recently bought some of the new Etude House's Liquid Lipstick that came out a month ago or so. Many bloggers were already raving about them, and the official colour swatches intrigued me so much that I couldn't really pick just one.... As usual, I went a little bit crazy and bought five of them, in my usual favorite colours (nudes, reds and bright purple).
During these few days I tried to swatch them immediately and to test them a little bit to give you some first impressions, just in case if you were wondering if buying them or not.
Of course this is not a complete review, so I could totally change my opinion...but as far as I know, I like everything about them, except for the packaging.
Since on Testerkorea (where i had the 30%off) they seemed to have gone sold out immediately and it took them a lot to restock, I decided to buy them on Roseroseshop as usual, since we had to make an order anyway because Marco wanted some new moisturizers.  I picked five colours: Beige in Carmel (BE 101) Beige In Chic (BE102) I'm in love (RD301) Red In Kiss(RD302) Purple in Friday (PP502).
Here are some swatches for you.

Etude House Liquid Lipsticks

I must say that these lipsticks are extremely creamy but they don't come out completely pigmented, and it needs more layers to build the color and cover everything perfectly. They're very very very glossy, and they can't come out matte if you put powder on them cause they're liquid. They're basically very normal lipsticks in a liquid form, but they're not stickly and they're very comfortable to wear. I won't say that they give real moisture to the lips, but the lips look very moisturized and juicy, cause they didn't set on fine lines and had really smooth application. They're not no-transfer, neither long lasting, but I'm not surprised because...well, they have a glossy finish; it still depends if you eat with them on or not. My favorite colour is the purple, cause it's really vibrant, while the most disappointed is Red in Kiss, cause it's not extremely pigmented as I expected. I also think that some of them could be duped, and I'm already working to give you some alternatives.

Etude House Liquid Lipsticks

I really Hope you enjoy this sneak-peak and that it helped you somehow. I will give you the full review as soon as I can ;) xo

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