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Wishtrend October Coupons

Hello guys, do you like the pumpkin? eheh, it's so Halloween-like! I get excited for Halloween, so I hope you're excited too. By the way...


WISHOCT2015 FOR 10% OFF on your order, starting from 55$ + (a partire da ordini superiori ai 55$)

WISHGIFT2015OCT for a free gift! (per un regalo, qualsiasi sia il valore dell'ordine).

This month gift is/il regalo del mese è:
  Skinmiso handy cleansing kit 

lso... If you register from this link, or using my code 063049609 , you are going to get a discount code that you can use immediately. If you shop from my links, you will support my blog!

Se vi registrate da questo link o utilizzando il mio codice 063049609 , otterrete subito un ulteriore sconto sul vostro ordine; acquistando dai link del blog, supporterete il mio lavoro!

Remember, if you want to see what I've bought previously from Wishtrend and my reviews, here are some! / Se volete leggere alcune review e sapere cosa ho comprato precedentemente da Wishtrend, ecco i link!


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I'm Mariangela, makeup artist from Italy. I currently live in Seoul, South Korea, where I moved to pursue my career as Makeup Artist. I lived in Rome for 6 years, where I studied Languages and Modern Literature in TorVergata, and where I worked as freelance MUA.

I'm passionate about Makeup, Skincare and South Korea. Between my hobbies there is Caffee hopping, Reading and Listening to Music. My blog was born when I finally decided to share about the products I discovered and tried since 2011. My goal is to help people achieve a wonderful skin, and enhance their beauty through makeup. I love asian skincare and makeup, but I also love western products...I like to mix and get the best of both worlds.