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Purse Essentials For A Healthy & Natural Looking Skin

So, today's post was inspired by Glossier, that has released a new box with products that are staples for achieving healthy and glowy skin, without covering the skin. If you don't know Glossier, they're basically the brand born from Into the Gloss, which I follow and read with a lot of interest! Glossier's products are all about less is more and sheer coverage, hence not "masking" your natural beauty. I was kinda inspired by this idea, but I wanted to give it a special twist, because I want to show that also people that suffered from acne or are still suffering from acne can cure their skin, can achieve a new skin like I did and -at the same time-  can sport a natural make up without using too many products. Here I'm going to show you which products are my purse essentials for an everyday base. I always keep them in my makeup bag, and if I have to stay out , those are the products that I always keep with me.

I usually use a mist for everything, because facial mists can be a good sostitute of toners and/or makeup fixers, and they are good to refresh the skin during the day. My favorite at the moment is the Zymogen Hottunya Cordata Mist, which soothes breakups immediately and calms redness before you apply your makeup, but it's also refreshing to use during the day. The fact that it's useful to prevent breakouts is a huge plus.Depending on my skin conditions I use the Skin Energy Hyaluronic Acid serum from Mizon to moisturize my skin, or if I have breakouts I use the Zymogen Ferment Jacho Extract Serum. I always bring one of them with me, but the hyaluronic acid is usually my first choice since it's smaller. If my skin is in harsh dry conditions, like in winter, I add the Guerisson 9 Complex Horse Oil (Mayu) cream -that it's an ultra nourishing heavy moisturizing cream- Every morning. My suggestion is to buy samples, if you plan to take it with you in your bag! In general, It's important for me to have products  with soothing and calming properties because my skin is sensitive and thin, and tends to break out and get red easily. Anyway--  They're not too many products, right? Maybe you don't always keep them in your bag if you're a student like me, but honestly, if I know I have a long day out I usually bring these things with me. Having some skincare items (in sample form or full size) is always good, since you may never know if you happen to have a dinner outside or a girls night out. In this case, I always take off my makeup and re-do it, and of course I apply my skincare first.

Now, I will introduce you to the few products (and few steps I do) I use to achieve a glowy and natural skin everyday. This is not a heavy duty makeup look, it's something that I would call "My skin but better" make up, because my flaws still peeks through, but they're softened and overall my skin still has a natural look. Also this kind of makeup is fuss free and time saving. As base I don't even put a primer, I go directly with my beautiful Klairs Illuminating Supple BB cream. It has everything you might need for a natural look, it's brightening ì and has enough coverage. Plus, since I tend to forget to put my sunscreen in my bag, because most of them are super heavy and I just keep them with my foundations, I prefer to usethis bb cream cause it has SPF40! I then use a concealer, but  I don't have a favorite one. I tend to mix the Klairs Creamy & Natural concealer with The Saem Cover tip concealer. They're both really small, so they're always in my bag, while sometimes I can forget the bb cream. I use a powder under the eyes and on the nose everyday (here i used the Innisfree No Sebum mineral powder) and I draw my eyebrows (I used the BrowDivine from Nabla) and I'm done. Both the powder and the eyebrow pencil are really really tiny and weightless! 
Addittionally, if I'm not too late and I have time, I grab some make up and take it with me...Some light makeup makes me feel good and fresh, I use very toned down but brightening eyeshadows. My go to are from Nabla, and they are Superposition and Sandy for the lid, and Narciso in the crease. All the Nabla eyeshadows come in handy refills, and they also sell a small palette that you can easily bring with you. The Mascara I use the most is Holika Holika's magic pole mascara.
I hope you can see how easy it is to look pretty even without tons of makeup... I do really believe that skincare does a lot, so I tend to fill my makeup bag with skincare instead

Now, to the most important question...What are the products you always take with you? 


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