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Winterskin Makeup is an italian blog mostly about korean cosmetics, but also made to chit chat about beauty in general.

Born in 2014, when the korean wave wass starting to surface in the western market, this blog - and their authors- are willing to provide reviews and opinions about the most innovative korean beauty products.
Here you can find reviews, pics, general posts and everything you can think about that it's related to Korea.

...but there is more!
We adore beauty products in general, and we are going to review and make comparison between western and asian products too! Yes, "Asian" means that we are going to show you even other asian brands, and not only korean stuff.
Moreover, we also like food, travel, DIY...And that's what we are going to show you.

Meet the authors!

I started to buy beauty products when I was ten years old, because I loved art and colors. I had really problematic skin, so makeup became a shield for me. Even though I've always been passionate about makeup, beauty and skincare, my life took a different path when I started to attend a linguistic school.
Thanks to some friends who were passioned about Asia, mainly Japan and korea, I discovered a new world of cuteness, cheap prices and innovations; the asian market immediately got me. I was mesmerized by the korean brands mainly, so I started to purchase my first lipsticks from Etude House. I slowly learnet that Korea's best resource was skincare, and I soon dismissed my dermatologist for some products from a korean brand...Well, things ended up pretty well for me, and now I'm here to share my experience with all of you through this blog.
I attended the faculty of LLEM - Languages and Modern Literatures in TorVergata, and I got my bachelor degree at the age of 24. During that time, I also studied as Makeup Artist in the Accademia di Trucco Professionale of Jole Panzera in Rome, where I graduated with the highest grades.
Now that I'm a makeup artist, I can finally usemy knowledge of skincare to help my clients have a better result and make peace with their skin problems. I really want my work to incorporate some of my "asian" background in it.

Marco is the man between every Man related product you'll find on Winterskin Makeup.